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Philedendron brasil

Botanical name: 

S.N: Philodendron basil 

C.N:Heart shaped leaved Philodendron plant.

Category of plant: Indoor Plants, Ground covers, Climbers, Creepers & Vines

Plant description: The heart-shaped green and yellow variegated Philodendrons are more popular as hanging indoor plants. Nowadays money plant is most common in all balcony gardens and workplaces, in a home. It looks very nice how it starts climbing. Heart-shaped and fluorescent yellow with green colour leaves.

Aerial roots of money plants absorb moisture from the soil and climate, and the money plants can grow as a ground cover, hanging plant, or stick. Alternatively, it can also grow well on any standing tree trunk. When planted in the ground, unlike money plants, their leaves are not variable in size.

Climatic condition and soil type: It grows better shade are the favorable climatic-conditions.

Plant habit: Climbing or growing on support

Plant Specifications: Plant Height or length: 2 to 4 meters ; pot size: 3''.

Water schedule:Twice a weekly interval.The soil moisture should always be monitored, as should the plant's hydration levels, at all times. Not too much watering required to plant.

Plant protection: Use any organic manures for its good growth. Farm yard manure, Vermi-compost.

Special Features: Plant can grow on trellis or chain link fencing.

Hanging or weeping growth habit

Note: Plant comes with germination pot . The image is for representation purpose only. The actual product may vary in height, shape or appearance.

Customer Reviews

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Suchetha Shekhar
Philodendron Brasil - Healthy cutting

The Philodendron Brasil that I received is extremely tiny and cute. I think it’s just 2 cuttings. But it’s healthy and doing well in my living room. Delivery was within few hours of placing the order which was awesome! 😀
Personal opinion: Wish it was a slightly bigger plant, I don’t mind paying a little more.

Ankush Gorade

Plant received in good condition

Rimjhim Kumari

Philedendron brazil

Reshma Punjabi
Never received the order poor service

You are asking me to review a product I never received despite paying. No response from your team either. Very poor. I don't recommend Jagtap Nursery to anyone. Please don't buy from there, rather support the local plant sellers in your neighborhood.

Sneha Parmar
Very healthy and beautiful plant

Happy with the quality of plant and got it home delivered