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Echinocactus Grusonii (Golden Barrel Cactus)

Botanical Name :

S.N.: Echinocactus Grusonii

C.N.: Golden barrel cactus, Golden ball cactus, Mother-in-law's cushion, Barrel cacti

Category of Plant: Cactus 

Golden barrel cactus Description :

  • Native to North and South America, Echinocactus grusonii belongs to the small genus Echinocactus and commonly referred to as "Barrel cacti." 
  • A globular entity, this green coloured cactus forms a barrel-shaped stem with prominent ribs adorned with areoles sprouting golden spines. 
  • Golden Barrel Cactushas a single slowly growing globe-shaped stem which may eventually reach over 1 metre (3.3 ft) in height after many years. 
  • This cylindrical cactus has sharp long, straight or slightly curved spines, and are in shades of yellow or white.
  • The bright yellow flowers (2 inch wide) are produced from end of spring to summer only on larger mature specimens on receiving full sun. 
  • Over time, this oblong shaped cactus tends to lean to the south so that the spines can better protect the body from the sun. 
  • With age, Golden barrel cactus produce offsets at small size.

Golden barrel cactus climatic conditions and soil structure:

  • Golden Barrel Cactus can survive in extreme hot temperatures 
  • Full sun or a partial shade is required for its good growth.
  • Barrel cacti plants thrive best in warm temperatures and lots of sunlight.
  • It prefers fertile, moist, and well-drained soil.

Plant Specifications:

  • Max height: 2 feet
  • Max width: 2 to 3 feet

Pot size: 6"

Plant Habit: Rigid, Compact, cylindrical, barrel-shaped

 Echintocactus grusonii (Golden Barrel Cactus) Care Tips:

  • Water Golden Barrel Cactus only when the soil dries out completely. 
  • Just like Cactus and other succulent plants, Golden Barrel Cactus also require more water in summer and less in winters. 
  • Overwatering can kill the plant.
  • They grow best in high to low humidity.
  • Drought tolerant.
  • Feed with a high potassium fertilizer during their active growth in spring and summer.
  • Golden Barrel Cactus are generally disease free. But regular check for spider mites and mealy bugs is required.

 Echintocactus grusonii (Golden Barrel Cactus) Special Features -

  • Echintocactus grusonii (Golden Barrel Cactus) are low-maintenance plants, thus suitable for beginners.
  • Toxic to pets and humans.
  • Its terrific texture, colour, and shape make a spectacular plant for landscapes.
  • Great for Rock garden, Succulents gardens, Desert garden or in decorative containers too.
  • Golden Barrel Cactus' flowers produce nectar which attract birds and bees.
  • These plants can be easily propagated by stem cutting or through seeds.

Note: The plant comes with a germination pot or bag (Pot size Approx. 4 to 6 inches). The image is for representation purposes only. The actual product may vary in height, shape, or appearance.

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