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Areca Palm

Botanical name:  

S.N: Dypsis lutescens

C.N: Areca palm,Golden Butterfly palm, Golden Feather palm, Yellow Palm

Category of plant: Indoor plant

Plant description: Areca palm belongs to the family: Arecaceae. The most commonly planted palm in India after the coconut and Areca nut. Areca palm is used as an ornamental plant. Perennial plant Bamboo like stems, golden stems and leaf stalks. Areca palm is spinless, very decorative. For indoor low light conditions, palms are much more suitable.

Climatic condition and soil type:

It has a slow growth habit and can grow in all climatic conditions. It grows best at temperatures ranging from 20°C to 35°C. It flourishes in warm-temperate climates and can survive shade, full sun, and coastal conditions. It grows in mildly acidic sandy and rocky soils.

Plant habit: Upward or Erect type

Plant Specifications: Plants can grow to over 10 to 12 meters tall. Pot size (Inches):4''

Water schedule: As per soil type and climatic condition twice a week. The soil moisture should always be monitored, as should the plant's hydration levels, at all times. Not too much water.

Plant protection: Boon(19:19:19)@5gram/litre of water.Application of vermicompost @ 100 gms/pot every 2 weeks interval.
Keep it in mind don’t provide an excess dosage of nutrient.

Special Features: It can be planted in the garden. It will be placed in the corner of the living room or in the office for decoration purposes.

Note: Plant comes with germination pot . The image is for representation purpose only. The actual product may vary in height, shape or appearance.

Customer Reviews

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Vijit Sonawane
Good quality plant

Ask for plant in a bag if you want a little bigger one else plant in a pot is also good, a bit small though.
I would encourage to visit the nursery and pick-n-choose them babies yourself.

Suchetha Shekhar
Fast delivery, overall healthy plant but few leaves have been eaten

I ordered these early in the morning and these plants had arrived within a few hours! Made me extremely happy to see the lil plants (Areca & P.Brasil) waiting for me in my living room. I ordered 3: Areca palm, Philodendron Brasil & Aloe vera (which is yet to be delivered).
I've deducted one star due to the fact that a few leaves of the Areca are torn in a pattern so it has to be something that was eaten by some caterpillar or perhaps a bug from another plant in the nursery. I'm a beginner so I researched extensively on the internet and I even had a friend who's a gardener come take a look at it (even she had the same opinion). As per my research, Areca usually has pests like Scaling, Spider mites, Mealy bugs, etc. None of these cause the leaves to be torn/ eaten in a pattern. The delivery boy said it was torn (I mean ... come on! Torn in a pattern on more than one leaf in different parts of the plant??). My friend suggested that I spray neem oil diluted in water about once in 2 weeks.
Any advice is welcome. I want to be a good plant mamma that takes care of her plant babies :)

jyoti sahu

Areca Palm

Taniya M.
Fairly healthy areca plant

It was a good plant, small part of leaf was bitten by insects but overall the plant was very healthy

Maj Babita Kumari

Areca Palm