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Spider Plant

Botanical name: 

S.N: Chlorophytum comosum variegatum 

C.N:Ribbon Spider Plant, Walking Spider

Category of plant:

Ground covers, Indoor Plants

Plant description:

The Spider plant belongs to the family Liliacae is of African origin. It existed hundreds of years ago as a house plant.

This species is similar to the typical Chlorophytum leaf pattern.

Although its leaves are green with a white border, they are somewhat longer in shape.

It is a favourite plant for beginners in the garden because of its easy growth and low maintenance.

The leaves are like long grass, and on a tall arching stalk, small white flowers held & the tufts of new young plants start growing after March.

The seedlings are cut and placed in vessels of water. After a few days, roots will grow and you can plant them in pots in rainy days.

Climatic condition and soil type:

This indoor plant grows in full shade, Semi shade, Low light tolerant,Salt or salinity tolerant.

Plant habit:

The leaves are spreading type.

Plant Specifications:

Plant Height or length:
Less than 50 cms
Plant Spread or Width:
50 cms to 100 cms 
Pot size (Inches) 4''

Water schedule:

Once a weekly interval.

The soil moisture should always be monitored, as should the plant's hydration levels, at all times. Not too much water.

Plant protection:

Use any organic manures for its good growth.Farm yard manure, Vermi-compost@50-100 gram/plant or pot.Application of Boon(19:19:19)@5 gram/litre of water.

Special Features:

Suitable for very small hedge or border,
Hanging basket habit.
Very fast growing indoor and air purifier plant.

Note: Plant comes with germination pot . The image is for representation purpose only. The actual product may vary in height, shape or appearance.

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Nikita Parmar

Nice plant shown as picture