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Crassula Ovata Variegated

Botanical name:

S.N: Crassula Ovata
C.N: Jade Green, Jade Plant, Crassula ovata money plant, Jade Money plant, Jade trees, Jade bonsai, Good luck Jade plant

Category of plant:

Cacti & Succulents, Shrubs, Ground covers

Jade Plant description:

  • Crassula Ovata commonly known as the Jade plant or Jade Money plant is a popular indoor succulent shrub or tree belonging to the Crassulaceae family.
  • It has many short, thick, succulent branches and thick, shiny, jade green, smooth leaves that grow in opposing pairs along the branches.
  • Sparingly branched at the base, this jade tree grows upright, rounded and stores water in its leaves, stems, and roots.
  • Jade money plant blooms in tight, round clusters of small white or pink flowers that have a mildly sweet aroma and are attractive to bees and butterflies.

Plant habit:

Branches are spreading type

Jade Plant Specifications:

Plant Height or length:
50 cms to 100 cms
Plant Spread or Width:
1 to 2 meters

Pot size (Inches): 3''

Jade Plant Watering tips:

  • During active growth, that is, in spring and summer, jade plants should be watered alternately.
  • In winter, watering should be done twice a week.
  • Like almost all succulents, jade plants should not be over-watered, as this will cause their stems to rot.

Jade Plant care tips:

  1. The jade plant favours a wide range of temperatures and humidity but is intolerant of cold conditions.
  2. Jade plant does best in well-drained soil and four or more hours of direct sunlight.
  3. This good luck jade plant can survive even in bright indirect sunlight.
  4. Use any organic manures every two months during active growth.
  5. Or can use a dilute fertilizer (Boon(19:19:19)@5 gram/litre of water) more frequently for its good growth.

Jade Plant Special Features:

  • The Jade plant can be pruned into a miniature bonsai tree, making it a wonderful sculptural plant.
  • It is both an indoor and outdoor plant that can be planted in office premises, home gardens and balconies.
  • Jade plants are considered friendly, hardy and auspicious, thus making them an ideal plant for beginners.


Note: Plant comes with germination pot. This image is for representation purposes only. The actual product may vary in height, shape, or appearance.

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