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Green garden mixture 1kg

Minimum order value for us to proceed with delivery is Rs. 500/-. Please make sure your total order value is more than Rs. 500/- & shipping address is within Pune / PCMC corporation limits.

 Description -: Green garden mixture fertilizer is manufactured for the beautiful, attractive garden. can be used for the garden in flat, around home, place, terrace garden, school, hotel, offices. perfect nutrition for the plant.                                        

CONTAINS :- 1. N.P.K 2.Sulphar,Zink,ferrous,boron,maganese,etc 3.vigilant blended of di oiled cakes and vermi compost 4.humic,amino,fulvic acid. 

Benefits -:
All essential nutrients for the healthy growth of the plant
N -Nitrogen: Makes Leaves Green & fresh.
P-Phosphorus: Makes soil Pores to help flower fruit formation.
Organic Carbon:Prepared from neem, karanj, castor, Mohva, Sal, like high quality de oil cake, Improves health & wealth also water holding capacity of the soil.
CA- Calcium:Improves plant strength help to prevent flower & fruit dropping.
MA-Magnesium: Make Leaves Dark Green & it helps for photosynthesis.
Zn(Zinc), FE(Ferrous), CU(Copper):Maintain Leaves Green.
Humic acid:Helps to develops white roots, seed germination.
Amino Acid: Increases yield and overall quality of the plant.

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