Hemigraphis Colorata

Botanical name: Strobilanthes alternata or Hemigraphis alternata, Hemigraphis colorata

Common Name: Red Ivy, Red Flame Ivy, Metal Leaf, Purple waffle Plant

Category of the plant:Shrub (Herbaceous, Creeper), Perennial Plant

Hemigraphis colorata or Red Ivy Description

  • Hemigraphis alternata, commonly called hemigraphis or sometimes red ivy, is a tropical perennial commonly grown as a houseplant or as an outdoor annual. 
  • The Hemigraphis specimen has beautiful attractive silvery green to purplish coloured leaves. 
  • The stems of the plant are prostrate and purplish and the leaves are silvery green, opposite, ovate, with a somewhat blunt tip and rounded and heart-shaped base.
  • Glossy, leathery leaves have purple leaf tips and the underside and are deeply veined with toothed leaf margin.
  • Native to Indonesia & cultivated in India, this purple waffle plant has off-white, trumpet-shaped flowers with 5 round lobes and purple streaks in the throat.

Climatic Conditions and Soil Structure:

  • Hemigraphis colorata or Red Ivy survives in hot temperatures but cannot tolerate cold temperatures.
  • Red ivy plant care requires bright, indirect light as the direct sunlight will fade away the foliage.
  • These Purple Waffle plants thrive best in warm temperatures and humidity.
  • It prefers fertile, moist, and well-drained soil.

Plant Specifications:

  • Max height: 0.50 to 0.75 feet
  • Max width: 1.00 to 1.50 feet

Pot size: 3"

Plant Habit: Spreading

Hemigraphis colorata or Red Ivy plant Care Tips:

  • Water Red Ivy plant regularly
  • Do not let the soil dries out completely. They are not drought tolerant. 
  • Overwatering can kill the plant.
  • An occasional misting is required, to keep the plant humid. 
  • They grow best in high humidity.
  • In addition, purple waffle plants are heavy feeders. They appreciate fertilizer regularly during their growth. 
  • Twice a month, give neem oil spray as preventive spray from the pest and insects.

 Hemigraphis colorata or Red Ivy plant Special Features -

  • Red Ivy plant or Purple Waffle plants are low-maintenance plants, thus suitable for beginners.
  • Toxic to pets and humans.
  • Its vividly coloured foliage and patterns can add a lot of beauty to your home or garden. 
  • Red Ivy plant is a spectacular succulent species for your garden, balcony, or even in those dark, drab-looking corners.
  • Will adds a decorative touch to window boxes, outdoor container gardens, and hanging baskets. 

Note: The plant comes with a germination pot or bag (Pot size Approx. 4 to 6 inches). The image is for representation purposes only. The actual product may vary in height, shape, or appearance.


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