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A Podocarpus Carophyllus grows straight up with very little side branching unless it is actively pruned. It has long slender dark green leathery leaves. This plant is relatively simple to care for and adapts well to various conditions. It is easily trained to be a bonsai or a topiary. When planted outside in the ground a Podocarpus grows quite large, but when used indoors or on the porch as a potted plant, it remains a small tree or shrub.

  • Type of PlantFoliage, shrub, tree.
  • Special FeaturesMaking bonsai.
  • Light Condition -Semi Shade to full sun.
  • Plant Height -2 to max 10 feet approx
  • WateringScheduleDaily one time.
  • Suitable ForSmall Container, Small bonsai pot.

Note: Plant comes with a germination bag (Bag size Approx. 4 to 6 inches). The image is for representation purpose only. The actual product may vary in height, shape or appearance.