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Scindapsis N joy (Marble Queen Pothos)

Botanical name: 

S.N: Scindapsus Aureus

C.N: Scindapsus marble queen, Golden pothos, devil's ivy, Marble queen pothos, Marble money plant,

Category of plant: Indoor Plants, Ground covers, Climbers, Creepers & Vines

Golden Pothos Plant description:

  • Commonly called Marble Queen pothos or Marble money plant, Scindapsus N Joy is known to bring greenery, prosperity and good luck.
  • Scindapsus N joy is a true hanging plant with a white flame pattern on its small leaves.
  • This beautiful plant is a great ornamental addition to any living room, office, shopping centre, hotel, and other public areas as they are easy to maintain.
  • These plants are not suitable for consumption by humans as well as pets.

Climatic condition and soil type: 

  1. This marble queen pothos grows best at normal room temperatures with moist soil. 
  2. It stays happy in lower light level.
  3. These golden pothos needs to be protected from direct sunlight as the leaves will dry up and burn.
  4. Mist frequently to keep it moist and for an extra boost.

Plant habit: Climbing or growing on support

Plant Specifications:Plant Height or length: 2 to 4 meters;

Pot Sizes: 3''

Marble queen pothos care:

  1. Watering this Epipremnum Scindapsus n joy plant twice a week keeps the pot soil moist and perfect for growth.
  2. Do not allow the pot soil to dry out completely.
  3. Soil moisture should always be monitored to check the hydration level.
  4. Use any organic manures during summer.
  5. For best growth, farmyard manure, vermi-compost or Boon(19:19:19)@5 gram/litre of water can be used.
  6. Regularly check for the spider mites on the undersides of the leaves.
  7. Can use Neem oil or Eucalyptus oil for any disease or insect attack.
  8. Remove dead and damaged plants.

Scindapsis N joy (Marble queen Pothos) Special Features 

  • Money plant is an ideal indoor plant as it can remove air pollutants such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.
  • Can be grown on trellis or chain link fencing.
  • Hanging or weeping growth habit.

Note: Plant comes with germination pot. The image is for representation purpose only. The actual product may vary in height, shape, or appearance.

Customer Reviews

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Nisha Shrivastava
Really tiny plant for beginner

While the rest of the plants in the order were healthy and dense, this one was very scanty. Just one branch planted to start with. Waiting for it to grow upto the mark.

Akshata Bhatade

I was very reluctant buying plants online. However after reading all the reviews i decided to got with Jagtap nursery . I ordered 10 plants and received all in really good condition. There was one plant missing but the nursery delivered me the replacement for that same as it was out of stock. The best part is they dont deliver the plants all packed like other online nurseries do!! Very much satisfied!!

Smita Dubey Dubey
Bought the jade plant and Ariliea

Super awesome , beautiful and healthy plants got delivered at home in a good condition at a very affordable rates.
Thank you so much. Will keep ordering from here itself 👍👍

Shilpa Pohnerkar

Received healthy plant

anubha s
too good

best place to purchase online plants in pune, the prices are also good.