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Soil Sattva (Organic Compost) 1KG

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The Premium Organic Choice For:

  • Home & Kitchen Gardening

  • Horticulture

  • Professional Landscapers

Soil Sattva Organic Compost Is a micro-nutrient-rich all purpose compost ideal for organic gardening and can be used for all types of plants, towns kitchen garden , agriculture and ecological improvement.


  • One-Stop balanced nutrition source and soil Conditioner.
  • Macro-and micro-nutrient rich
  • Full of naturally occurring plant friendly microbes.
  • No synthetic chemicals and no sewage sludge.

Benefits :

  • Enchances Plant Growth, Flowering and fruiting.
  • Good aeration and drainage encourages root growth.
  • Helps to manage deficiency conditions.
  • Optimum water holding capacity saves water.
  • Acts as soil conditioner and prevents hardening of soil.
  • improves soil health and restores soil vitality.
Suggested Use :
For Plantation : Add directly to planting hole or mix well with soil and use for top dressing .
For Lawns : Spread directly on soil at the time of lawn application or mix well with soil and use for dressing.
For Agriculture : Spread compost directly on area to  planted and mix into soil . can be applied again as topping when crops are half -grown.

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