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Soilrite mix a mixture of horticulture grade perlite, Irish peat moss and exfoliated perlite in equal ratio 1 | 3:1 | 3:1 | 3. It improves aeration and drainage. It retains moisture and nutrients made readily available to plants. It is used for container growing , outdoor gardening, potted plants and seed germination.

  • Improves aeration and drainage.
  • Moisture and nutrients made readily available to plants.
  • Sterile – weed and disease free.
  • Clean, Light weight and safe to handle.
  • Reduces extreme soil temperature fluctuations.
  • Since It is inorganic, it does not degrade or deteriorate.
  • The Eco-friendly soil conditioner
  • Reduces Frequency of watering fertilization and reporting.
  • Compost of material with known properties
  •  All ingredients are standardized after exhaustive trials
  • Handling and mixing done mechanically
  • Nutrients contents are specifically known
  • PD rainage and aeration are standardized
  • Perlite and vermiculite are manufactured in high temperature conditions, hence no separate sterilization required
  •  Disease free and increased land growth response
  • Lightweight and easy to move containers

Customer Reviews

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Nisha Sehrawat
Soilrite potting mix

Great fluffy potting mix with nutrients and odourless

Mrs Joshi
Good products slow delivery

Good products but took too long to be delivered! I ordered and paid on Nov 2 and received my stuff on Nov 9. One week in the same city ?!
The delivery person was polite and unlike other couriers did not bother me with constant calls to check the address !! That’s a plus.