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Soilrite mix a mixture of horticulture grade perlite, Irish peat moss and exfoliated perlite in equal ratio 1 | 3:1 | 3:1 | 3. It improves aeration and drainage. It retains moisture and nutrients made readily available to plants. It is used for container growing , outdoor gardening, potted plants and seed germination.

  • Improves aeration and drainage.
  • Moisture and nutrients made readily available to plants.
  • Sterile – weed and disease free.
  • Clean, Light weight and safe to handle.
  • Reduces extreme soil temperature fluctuations.
  • Since It is inorganic, it does not degrade or deteriorate.
  • The Eco-friendly soil conditioner
  • Reduces Frequency of watering fertilization and reporting.
  • Compost of material with known properties
  •  All ingredients are standardized after exhaustive trials
  • Handling and mixing done mechanically
  • Nutrients contents are specifically known
  • PD rainage and aeration are standardized
  • Perlite and vermiculite are manufactured in high temperature conditions, hence no separate sterilization required
  •  Disease free and increased land growth response
  • Lightweight and easy to move containers