Red wax palm, Cyrtostachys renda

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Polybag size / Pot size Polybag: 21x21, 43.5L or Polybag: 25x25, 61.5L or Polybag: 30x30, 96L
Plant height 6' or 9' or 12'


Discover the captivating allure of the Red Wax Palm, scientifically known as Cyrtostachys renda, at Jagtap Nursery. Renowned for its vibrant red crownshaft and graceful fronds, this medium-sized palm infuses tropical elegance into any landscape or indoor setting. As a leading supplier of tropical garden plants, we offer a wide range of hardy palms, including the Red Wax Palm, to elevate your outdoor oasis. Explore our collection of ready-effect palms at our Solapur Road nursery and bring home the beauty of the tropics today.


Thrives in full sun to partial shade. Adequate sunlight encourages optimal growth and coloration.


Requires regular watering to maintain soil moisture. Ensure well-draining soil to prevent waterlogged conditions.


Adaptable to various well-draining soil types. Red Wax Palm prefers slightly acidic to neutral soil.


Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer during the growing season to support healthy growth.


Suited for warm tropical climates. Protect from cold temperatures and frost.


Propagated through seeds. The plant can take several years to reach maturity.

Pest and Diseases:

Generally resistant to pests. However, monitor for potential issues like spider mites or scale insects. Treat promptly with insecticidal soap if needed.


Preventive measures include regular inspection for pests. In case of infestation, treat with appropriate insecticides or insecticidal soap.

Similar Looking Plants:

- Lipstick Palm : Resembles Red Wax Palm but has a different coloration and growth pattern.

Mix Planting Recommendations:

- Combine Red Wax Palm with lush, low-growing ground covers for a tropical garden oasis.

- Plant alongside other palms like Areca Palm or Kentia Palm for a diverse palm display.

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